12 November 2011

Nesting instinct?

Again it has been too long since my last post but better late than never! After staring at my "lived-in" house the past week today I am on a cleaning rampage. It may just be nesting, the instinct I thought would ever kick in. I am taking a little break because all the cleaning made these practice contractions miserable-- well more miserable! I still need to finish laundry and make sure Chase's room is ready to go, I plan to have this done by tonight. I have become such a procrastinator! My hospital bag has yet to be packed, I don't want to pack it too early but after next Friday my little man will be full term and I need to face the music. The anticipation is killing me though!

25 July 2011

A new day!

I haven't written anything in too long and now is the perfect time to start right back up! We've been at Ft Campbell for going on 3 months and I'm not quite sure how I feel about this place yet, I love the home we had built but that was definitely an adventure! When I left off I had just found out I was pregnant and now I'm about 21 weeks! It's a BOY; Chase Michael Garza! I already love this little guy more than life itself. We have two new additions to our household as well a little female Siamese kitten, Sundae and a beagle mix we named Tex. I have finally almost finished making this house a home, thanks to my mom visiting! That sure made me pick up the pace even though she left after a few days but she will be back AND quite soon! I have met some great people here and made one heck of a friend that I heart! This place isn't all its cracked up to be in the Army aspect of it, in the Garza households opinion but we love Clarksville, TN.

18 April 2011

On the road again..

Our day started late today, 9 California time but hey it'd be 6 Hawaii time not too bad! We woke up and Joe, me & my cousin Andrew headed to East LA to get our truck. My hormones got the best of me and I was in a bad mood so didn't fully appreciate having our own vehicle again. We then started sight seeing! Beverly Hills & Rodeo Dr called our names! It wasn't all I expected it to be and resembled Waikiki, the place I'm running away.. I mean moving away from. We saw the Hollywood sign in Hollywood, LA Ink and walked along the stars! I got a bunch of pictures, my facorites being the rugrats, Patsy Cline & Gene Autry Star.
We called it a day and decided we should head out and begin our long drive. My hormones must really be getting to me because I almost cried leaving Long Beach! Joe & I loved being with my cousin and can't wait to get our butts back there. 100 times better than Hawaii.
We are enroute right now with Stitch crashed out in his kennel. At the moment we're over 300 miles from Long Beach and have about 16 hours left to go!

17 April 2011

The journey begins!

So this post is to catch up on the past 3 days! I have been slacking or rather too busy to get on here. Let's start with Friday, that was fun! I'm saying that in the most sarcastic way. We ran around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to finish clearing, we finished though with a few minutes to spare! After it was done we ran to get some important papers and my crazy husband decided to stick it to the man, kidding of course. With no where to park he parked in a very high up's parking spot! Luckily there were no repercussions. After all that we went to turn in the rental car and have dinner with Jenn & Kevin; an Aloha Hawaii dinner. We got back stuffed and needed to pack ASAP. I got everything together, now we can't find anything! I guess I should have organized instead of crammed. We finally got to sleep after tossing and turning, thank God.
At 4 am, Saturday morning off went our alarms. We put everything downstairs, loaded Stitch in his kennel and headed off to the airport and made it inside around 6:30 after finding a parking spot and getting everything inside. I am very thankful we didn't have any problems checking Stitch in. Well except for the woman at the counter making me promise he had room to stand in his kennel, it made me laugh. We boarded our plane at 8, after some not so delicious complementary food and some kid shows on the plane, I chose to purchase the kids package! We made it to LA at 5 pm their time. As we were sitting outside the airport trying to get a cab it dawned on me the port we needed to pick our truck up at probably closed at 5, Joe decided to check that out and found that they are not even open on Saturday, or Sunday for that matter! Wow, what a way to start our trip! I wanted to cry and with my hormones the way they are it wouldn't have been that surprising. We ended up finding a hotel after calling about 10 that were booked. We stayed at The Sheraton Downtown LA. I felt like the worst person ever when I realized I didn't have cat food and was too scared to walk around LA so I ordered us Mexican Food for delivery and asked for some fillets of fish for Stitch, hey he had to eat! We got some much needed shut eye with the relief of knowing we could stay at my cousins the following day without paying more cab fees or for another night at a hotel.
This morning we woke up late, rushing to check out. My cousin picked us up and took us to the grocery store to buy kitty litter, cat food & all his necessities and then to In&Out Burger. We came back to his apartment and then went for a 2 hour bike ride and rode about 8-10 miles, we loved it! When we got back to the apartment another cousin of mine was here and we headed out to Rosco's (the Fast & Furious restaurant?) and had chicken & waffles, our first time having the combination! I am tired now and it shocks me considering it is almost 9 here and barely going to be 6 in Hawaii. 
This trip has been an adventure and we haven't even began the driving part, it is fun though!

14 April 2011

A baby is an angel whose wings decrease while his legs increase.

Today has been a long day-- a stressful but amazing long day! After waking up early and getting to Triper I was called in quickly, only to have labs done and sit in the waiting room for over half an hour. It was all worth it when I was called into a room and told my HCG levels are at 10,000. That was a shock for me being told last Friday they were at 74! I know they double everyday but NO WAY! Turns out they were at 742 NOT 74! I had another ultrasound done and this one they printed for me since you can see where the baby is, even though he or she is a wee tadpole<3 After this Joe continued with trying to finish up his clearing paperwork, it was not successful. On top of being moody and very emotional today I am also extremely mad! The Garza household now owes the US ARMY about $1,000 for bullet proof inserts we don't have before we can fly out of here! After all that craziness we hit Old Navy to find a swimsuit from HAWAII for my cousin and while doing so Joe found the cutest Dallas Cowboys onsie! Even though I am a few days shy of 6 weeks barely we couldn't resist purchasing it! Today we shared our fabulous news with our families so I could post the news on facebook and now this pregnancy feels more real than before! Today was a great day and it isn't quite over yet!

I hate being a night owl.

It's past 10 pm and I can't fall asleep, I hate nights like this. I feel like a kid waiting on Santa Claus! Like I said earlier I have to wake up early tomorrow to be seen at the doctor, I will get more blood drawn. Hopefully this time won't be so bad, last week they hurt me and a bruise is showing up. They will check my HCG levels and make sure everything is going good.
Tonight we decided we will change our road trip, a little by stopping in South Texas to visit with family for a few days. I am very excited! Fingers crossed my parents get along, if they decide to be around each other! I am ecstatic to tell everyone our good news about what Santa will be bringing us a little early.

13 April 2011

A peek into what is going on in my life.

My husband, Joe and I are about to PCS from Wheeler AAF, HI to Ft Campbell, KY; easier said than done! We are staying with two awesome people, Jenm & Kevin that are letting us stay with them and taking us to the airport; if it wasn't for them I would be lost right now, living in a cardboard box. We are almost done, even though it has been a bigger pain in the butt than we could have ever imagined. We have a few more things to do before we board our plane Saturday morning, things such as: make sure my cats carrier will be able to fly. Getting everything done for Stitch has been extremely difficult but it is almost all over. Organize our suitcases, get all his paperwork finished so he can final out and turn in our rental car. It would seem as though the hard part will be over with but somehow I do not see that being the way it works out! We are flying from Honolulu to California and then driving all the way to Tennessee. We're hoping it will be a fun road trip and still debating whether we will stop in Texas to visit with family or keep trucking.
This is a very stressful time in both our lives but it is one of the most exciting as well, we are PCSing for the very first time (the stressful part) and we just found out I am pregnant after thinking it would never happen. Tomorrow I will wake up at the crack of dawn, head with my husband to PT and we will make our way to my doctors appointment to make sure my five week old bun in the oven is ready for travel then is the fun part (sarcasm) getting everything finished so Friday will be a breeze and before we know it off to Tennessee we will go. <3